Improve foreign language skills by talking live with people all over the world
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What is Feek.Live?

Feek.Live is a project for all lovers of foreign languages who wish to talk live in dedicated video rooms. It is addressed both to those learning foreign languages and those wishing to have regular contacts with such languages.

Foreign languages

Chat in 6 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Polish and Russian. Create the topics in video rooms and select the language level appropriate for you.

Free of charge

Use the free access to the audio–video portal to achieve your own goals. Decide which options to use.


Meet people from all over the world. Develop your skills of speaking a foreign language regardless of any language and cultural differences. Exchange ideas and thoughts with others.

Private Tutors

Contact private teachers. Benefit from their knowledge and experience. Select advertisements best suited to your needs.

Video chat rooms

Choose video rooms. Some are open, some are thematic, and other are private. Use the full potential of the opportunities created by them. In the video rooms, talk to 2, 3 or 4 people.

Easy access

Use any mobile devices with Internet access. Select the most popular browsers supporting WebRTC technology to chat in video rooms.


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Have a live chat to practice a foreign language. Break your language barriers and be open to a dialogue.
Meet new people, get new ideas, learn about other cultures. Share your opinions.
Improve your qualifications and use all the options. Check how Feek.Live works.



Join us and invite all the people who are interested in the world.

Welcome to the Feek.Live community!


Allen Chang (China)

Dutch_Remco (Netherlands)

Carrie Clayden (United States)

Sabir Khattak (Pakistan)

Lívia Maria (Brazil)

gerges osama (Egypt)

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