Feek Meeting

Meet new people, get new ideas, learn about other cultures. Share your opinions.





Add to your group people from all over the world with whom you want to be in touch, you like talking to and with whom you share interests.


Your friends list includes all people who have accepted your invitation - "A friend request".


This function is available to all users.

Thematic rooms

This is the place for those who share interests.

Here you can talk about specific issues displayed of the Thematic Rooms list.

Access to thematic rooms is available to users with Feek Basic or Feek Full subscription plans. Themes in “Thematic rooms” may be created by users with access to the Feek Full version and the Feek team.


The Thematic Group list includes the following information: chat topic, language, chat level, date and time of the chat, information about the author.

After the meeting date has passed, the topic is removed from the Thematic Room list.


They are designed for friends to communicate.

You can use them to arrange meetings in Feek Rooms and to invite someone to chat in a private room.


All users have access to messages and may send short text messages to their friends registered in the portal.


Only users who are over 13 years old may access Feek Rooms.

Before you enter a Feek room, you select age of the users you want to talk to.


You can choose between 5 age groups: 13-17 years, 18-30 years, 31-50 years, 51-99 years, 18-99 years.

The only condition is that your age is not beyond the age group selected (Open Rooms).

Private room

When you own a private room, you may invite other people you want to chat with.

Send a message to invite someone to the room.


All registered users registered may activelky participate in chats in Private Rooms.

Feek Free and Feek Basic users may be invited to chats, Feek Full users may also invite others.


Feek rooms are available 24/24.


Users who have subscribed to Feek Basic or Feek Full may use the Feek rooms non-stop

If you do not wish to pay any additional costs, you may talk daily for an hour in the open rooms or be invited to talk in a private room.