Feek conversation

Have a live chat to practice a foreign language. Break your language barriers.

For free

Feek is a generally availbale portal.

Users can choose between three Feek options: Free, Basic and Full.

Feek Free is a free of charge option.

Feek Basic and Feek Full will be made available only after a fee for a selected period is paid.

You decide which option fits your needs best.


Chats in Feek rooms are conducted in 6 languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, French and Polish.

Select an appropriate level depending on your language competencies.

There are three language proficiency levels available:
basic, intermediate and advanced.

Basic level (A) is intended for those who have never studied the foreign language before and have no or very basic knowledge of it.

Intermediate level (B) is intended for learners who can talk about a variety of topics using the foreign language.

Advanced level (C) is for those learners who know the language and can express themselves fluently.

Video chat rooms

Feek Rooms are the place where we talk.

We can hear each other and see each other using a video camera.

You can meet your friends in the Open Room, but you will usually talk to newly met people from all over the world.

Feek will choose a room to best fit your preferences that you have selected at the previous stage: language, level.

When you participate in the discussion, behave respectfully and stick to the topic you have selected.

Chat rooms

Feek.live chat rooms take place in real time.

They help you to develop your writing skills, but above all they are a great way to meet new people.

It may be the first step to joining a video chat room.


Private Tutors Announcements is a place where you can contact tutors who provide foreign language courses and post their ads on Private Tutors board.

The terms and conditions of the language course are set forth by the tutor and discussed with the user.

The language course is provided on-line and lessons are conducted through the feek.live website.

Only users authorized to access Feek Basic and Feek Full options have access to Private Tutors announcements.


You can access the portal from any mobile device.

You can chat using a

You do not have to download any application - only a common HTML5 and WebWRT search engines is required, to enjoy chats for 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

All you need is open mindedness, willingness and access to the Internet.